I’ve always been a morning person


One thing you don’t have to worry about if you are NOT going to Let’s Test is how to get there. For family reasons, I had to wait until Monday morning to travel, and getting there from Copenhagen means getting up very early. It was 4 in the morning when I got up. 5 hours later, I’ll be listening to Michael Bolton’s opening keynote 🙂

So what am I expecting?

First of all: Good discussions about issues in testing. Testing requires reflection and thinking, and I need the input to stay razor sharp as a tester 😉

Second: Get great feedback on my ideas and thoughts about how we work with Black Swans in testing. We need better heuristics to sharpen our fucus, and I’m hoping – no: expecting that my ideas coupled with the feedback from conference participants will teach me and everyone else more on the subject.

SK400 is leaving in 30 mins now. I think it’s time for a cup of coffee!

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